A Journey into the Seven Potentials of Life.

Lesson 3: The Solar Plexus Chakra

How Much Do You Experience Solar Plexus Chakra Happiness?

Your Lesson of the Day: I can contain it


School of Human Potential

November 2023 – June 2024

Embark on a unique 8-month journey that harmoniously blends philosophy, psychology, meditation, and energy work, and learn to guide people on the path to unlocking their full potential as an Integrative Life Coach.

What awaits you:


Discover a holistic perspective on being human, our challenges, imbalances, and blockages, and learn to re-harmonize them through meditative and energetic techniques.


Become an expert on the human energy system – the 7 chakras – and learn to awaken these seven dimensions of your being and guide people to unfold their full potential.


Enhance your current work with people and elevate it to a new level, or embark on a new fulfilling career as an Integrative Life Coach.

There comes a time when there is an opportunity to make a difference through positive transformation within ourselves, and through our actions in the world. That time is now.


A New Perspective on Being Human

The School of Life You Have Always Longed For

What really constitutes a fulfilled life? Is it the fulfillment of our goals and ambitions? Is life about love and relationships? Is it about having the healthiest body possible, simply enjoying life, gaining wisdom, or is it about the spiritual quest?

On the one hand, we seem to live in the age of self-realization. But at the same time, diseases of civilization such as burnout, stress, dissatisfaction, and depression have become common ailments and are spreading. It seems that we have lost our way in the search for a happy life.

Once we started into this world with the feeling that everything is open and possible, but with time, we contracted, and life became seemingly limited and repetitive. It became a predictable linear path, with very little excitement and discovery. We often feel unbalanced. Perhaps we also feel that we have to suppress certain aspects of our being and cannot live them out.

What we actually lack is an actual understanding of our human system. What constitutes happiness and fulfillment? How are problems, challenges, and blockages reflected at the various levels of our being?

As a coach or therapist, some techniques seem to work well for some people and problems. But for others, not at all, or insufficiently. Because we may not always understand the deeper roots of our blockages, fears, and imbalances.

In fact, we have never really learned what it means to be human and how to understand and reconcile the different, sometimes contradictory facets of our being.

What we need is a map to help us navigate the full human experience, but also to master and reconcile the different dimensions of our being. Based on the ancient Hindu wisdom of the chakras, this is an education that effectively blends modern Western needs and the deeply-rooted wisdom of ages past.

This is the school of life we have always needed but were never able to attend as children because our own educators did not have this training!


The first step into a new life

“Ich kann nicht in Worte fassen, wie tief Shai Tubali’s Lehre geht und wie sehr das Wirken von Shai und Tamar mich und mein Leben verändert und unterstützt hat.

Ich kann seine Programme jedem empfehlen, der an tiefer, allumfassender Transformation und persönlicher Entwicklung interessiert ist.”

Franziska Schneider

Webdesignerin & Transformationscoach

“Als Sozialarbeiter hat Shai mir wichtige Hintergrundinformationen über die Psyche und das Menschsein im Allgemeinen vermittelt, die meine Arbeit indirekt verbessert haben. Zum Beispiel durch mehr Verständnis für mich selbst und andere.

Gleichzeitig haben mir die Expansionstechniken ein Werkzeug an die Hand gegeben, mit dem ich meinen Kunden direkt und unmittelbar helfen kann. Das hatte ich in meiner bisherigen Arbeit vermisst.”

Dennis Fichtner