Learning the Complete Art of Happiness – and What Makes You Truly Happy.

 A weekend seminar with Shai Tubali in Switzerland, 29. – 30.10.22

What does it take to be truly happy?

Is it the feeling of security and stability? Is it special, intense experiences and adventures? Is it material success, or does happiness lie in fulfilled relationships?

On the one hand, we might think that we live in an age of self-realization. In the West, material prosperity is more widespread than perhaps ever before in human history. And at the same time, burnout, stress, dissatisfaction and depression have become common diseases and are spreading.

So what is true happiness and what constitutes a deeply fulfilled life?

Happiness and contentment are indeed a complex issue, because as human beings we do not consist of only one basic need, or one level that needs to be fulfilled. In fact, there are seven basic aspects of our being, or basic human needs, that must be met in order to lead a truly happy, balanced and fulfilled life. And whenever we feel unhappy, or dissatisfied, it is because one of these seven types of happiness has been neglected.

This new seminar with Shai Tubali is an invitation to get to know the seven levels of happiness in depth, as the key to a truly fulfilled and happy life.

Why the search for happiness usually doesn’t work

What we lack is a deeper understanding of our human nature. Accordingly, our society overemphasizes and promotes certain aspects, such as material success and career, while the relevance of, for example, emotional fulfilment or spiritual transcendence is hardly recognized. Trying to conform to the societal ideal, we often suppress certain aspects of our being. We may even have lost contact with them altogether. This then leads to inner conflicts and can eventually even express itself in physical symptoms.

A second common misconception is that our search for happiness is directed entirely outwards. But the stability, recognition and emotional affirmation we seek on the outside can never be completely fulfilled by this world because it is constantly changing.

All that we are looking for, the stability, joy, confidence and love, are states that we experience within ourselves. We have only been so focused on the outside to activate these states because we do not understand how our human system works.

Through specific techniques and exercises, however, we will learn to activate our seven centres of consciousness. And as a result, we will come more and more into contact with a natural inner experience of stability, joy, confidence and so on. And this is where true happiness and freedom begin.


Discover the seven types of happiness

In yogic traditions, the human body-mind complex has been divided into seven layers, or centres of perceptions. Traditionally, they are called chakras. Balancing, activating and integrating these seven layers into everyday life is considered, in the deepest sense, a path to spiritual enlightenment. We can also see the seven types of happiness as seven basic needs. Needs that our being requires in order to feel completely fulfilled, and to experience a complete human realization.

Root Chakra Needs: Physical Stability

Sacral Chakra Needs: Joy and Pleasure

Solar Plexus Chakra Needs: Inner Power and Self-Confidence

Heart Chakra Needs: Emotional belonging

Throat Chakra Needs: Authentic Self-Expression

Third Eye Chakra Needs: Mental Clarity

Crown Chakra Needs: Spiritual Unity

If you consciously nourish these seven layers of your being and integrate them into your daily life, you will bring to life the most vital forces inside you – forces that can make your body healthier and balance you emotionally and mentally, revitalize and energize your body and mind, and make you vibrantly and spiritually awake and aware.


What Participants from Seminars with Shai Tubali say:

“As a social worker, Shai has given me important background information on the psyche and on being human in general, which has indirectly improved my work. For example, through more understanding for myself and others.

At the same time, the expansion techniques have given me a tool with which I can help clients directly and immediately. I had missed that in my work so far.”

Dennis Fichtner

Social Worker

“I have done a lot of different trainings in the spiritual field, but none of the previous ones could establish these deep, lasting changes in me like Shai Tubali’s programmes. It is a perfect blend of teaching, deep insights and transformational processes. It helps enormously to develop a deeper understanding of our humanity, to understand the superman power of consciousness and to achieve real shifts in being. I have never experienced anything like this before! This school is making an important contribution to the growth and maturation of humanity.”

Natalie Lenz

Coach, Participant of Previous Seminars

“I cannot put into words exactly how deep Shai Tubali’s teaching goes and how much it has transformed and supported me and my life.

I can recommend his programme to anyone interested in deeper, all-encompassing transformation and personal development.”

Franziska Schneider

Transformational Coach, Webdesigner

“Through the unconditional love that Shai always transmits in his seminars, through his pure presence, through the hope, the explanations, I was able to embark on the spiritual path. I understand the deep meaning of his being. I am infinitely grateful. I have the feeling of having been saved. I feel like a caterpillar and Shai has given me the nourishment I needed to become a beautiful butterfly. My heart is open and I feel, see, hear the love everywhere. Through his words the path continues for me as well and through that I touch other people again and the world starts to change. I notice this in my immediate surroundings.”

Jeanett Schnoor

Participant of Previous Seminars


The Seven Keys to Happiness

This seminar is an integrative and all-inclusive experience. This means that we will get to know ourselves from head to toe, from the root chakra to the crown chakra. So the major journey of this seminar takes us through the seven types of happiness.

First there is the awareness, the right understanding of the seven layers of our being and the seven types of happiness. And then we will learn how to get in touch with them and how to activate and awaken each chakra.

Abraham Maslow, the father of humanistic psychology, recognized that there are different levels of human happiness when he developed the pyramid of human needs. And his model has amazing parallels to the yogic chakra system. With specific techniques and exercises, we will experience the reality behind these models, and learn about a path to human fulfilment and realization.

The Seven-Day Chakra Path

The seven-day chakra path is a lifestyle routine that enables us to integrate the seven types of happiness, from the most earthly to the most spiritual, into our lives. It activates your seven chakras, making every week a powerful, spiritual and transformative experience. This is the ideal approach that enables us to integrate the seminar contents into everyday life.

Seven Chakra Personality Types

The Chakra Personality Types is a typology that explores the individual dimension of our chakra system: each of us is born with some of the chakras more active and empowered, with one of them as the core of our personality. Knowing our chakra personality, with its specific inclinations, is an essential key for a fulfilled and happy life.


What Others say about Shai’s Teachings on the 7 Chakras

“A new perspective of the chakras representing archetypal personalities. This integrative approach identifies and illuminates spiritual, mental and emotional patterns that give clarity toward soul essence and personal path.”

Francesca McCartney

PhD, Academy of Intuition Medicine(R)

“A magnificent way to understand yourself as a spiritual being having a physical experience.

Highly recommended!”

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Author of Living Bliss: Major Discoveries Along the Holistic Path

“In an era in which we frequently limit our perspective of ourselves to a body, mind, or soul, this book is a wonderful invitation to experience yourself as an inspiring integration of all three.”
Dr. Itai Ivtzan

Associate Professor, Naropa University and Mindfulness teacher and researcher

“A peaceful world starts with a peaceful mind, and this book encourages peace by helping us understand all facets of our being, helping us to embrace other points of view, and leading us to experience wholeness within ourselves.”

Cindy Lora-Renard

Spiritual life coach and author of A Course in Health and Well-Being, Academy of Intuition Medicine(R)

“Life guidance as to ‘why we are who we are’. Shai has made a great contribution to the vibrant living library of evolving human consciousness in a most integrated, readable and admirable way. His insights encourage the reader to understand the deep connections between Chakras, mind, body and spirit.”

Patricia Mercier

Author of bestselling The Chakra Bible and The Little Book of Chakras


Shai Tubali

Spiritual Teacher, Author and Philosopher – Shai is a prolific and renowned author, with 23 books published to date. His bestselling books have been translated into five languages and have won awards in Israel and the United States. In his teaching Shai combines Yogic knowledge and Eastern practices with the latest in Western science, psychology, and philosophy to create innovative transformative processes. Indeed, almost 20 years of in-depth study of Eastern thought and Yogic tradition have brought this trained Yogi up to a master level in utilizing the tools of spirituality to offer structure, deep insights, and methods for personal growth in all areas of life. Based on his own direct and ongoing revelation of cosmic consciousness since the age of 23, he is a pioneering figure in the field of self-transformation and has helped thousands of people to transform their lives in his many years of teaching around the world.


How you can join us


This seminar takes place live in Stans, Switzerland.

Via our online campus you will also get access to the recordings, materials and exercises of the seminar for another 12 months after the program is over.


  • Normal price: 280 CHF
  • Early Bird price until August 30: 240 CHF


Yoga Zentrum Stans, Engelbergstrasse 28, 6370 Stans


Dates: 29. – 30.10.22

Hours: 10:30-18:30 CET

Venue: Aula Orientierungsschule
Dorfstraße 6
6362 Stansstad
Schweiz or Online

Contact Person:

Esther Theruvel
+41 79 310 24 23 

Carlos Stickel
+49 178 5175 114

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Your Life with the Seven Keys to Happiness

  • Deep self-knowledge: You will learn about all seven layers of your being, how to activate and awaken them. With this knowledge you will gain the seven fundamental keys for a fulfilled, all-inclusive and happy life.
  • When you are unhappy or feel bad, you will be able to understand which of the seven levels is currently imbalanced in your life.
  • With the Seven-Day Chakra Path, you will learn a lifestyle approach that integrates all seven levels into a daily routine, making each day and each week a deep and fulfilling experience.
  • You get to know your personality type and thus your personal main key to happiness.