Expanded consciousness

How traumas and negative memories are transformed at the root with the power of expanded states of consciousness.


In this webinar, you will learn…


How expanded consciousness is revolutionizing trauma work.


The 5 core principles of working with expanded states of consciousness.


Guided Expansion Meditation for a direct experience of expanded consciousness.


In-depth Q&A session where you can bring your questions and engage in a direct exchange with Tamar Brosh.


The potential to become free from the burden of the past and how to get in touch with it directly.

The webinar takes place on April 28, 2024

Join the Revolution of Consciousness!

We believe that the next psychological revolution lies in harnessing the power of expanded states of consciousness to transform our emotional conflicts and negative memories.

We cannot solve problems from within the limited mind that created them. Only the Giant of Consciousness within you can accomplish this task.

It is our mission to share this gift of expanded consciousness and make its healing and empowering potential available to as many people as possible.
That is why we are offering this free live webinar. There won’t be too much theory this time. Instead, there will be a direct experience of expanded consciousness, through a guided expansion meditation and space to share and ask questions.

This webinar is an open evening, in preparation for the Trauma Intensive Workshop starting in May.

So you are welcome to join us, discover the power of expanded consciousness together and ask your questions.

The evening will take place once on April 28, at 7 pm CET.

The webinar takes place on April 28, 2024

Itai Ivtzan

About Tamar Brosh

Tamar Brosh is a distinguished professional in the fields of trauma healing and positive psychology coaching. With a wealth of experience, she specializes in facilitating emotional healing processes and training both professionals and individuals in the transformative Expansion Method. Tamar firmly believes that by equipping ourselves with the right tools and harnessing the power of consciousness, we can achieve profound healing, liberate ourselves from the grip of negative past experiences, and lead lives free from unnecessary suffering.With a nurturing and compassionate approach, Tamar finds great joy in creating a healing space for others and guiding them on their personal journey toward inner power and greater freedom. Over the course of her 15-year career as a therapist, Tamar has accompanied countless trauma sessions, making a significant impact on the lives of her clients. She has operated private clinics in both Tel Aviv, Israel, and Berlin, Germany, and has gained invaluable expertise through her extensive practical experience. 

For the past four years, Tamar has been actively involved in co-hosting training programs with esteemed expert Dr. Shai Tubali.
Through these collaborative efforts, she has trained hundreds of professionals in the trauma healing program of the Expansion Method, empowering them to make a difference in the lives of their own clients.

The webinar takes place on April 28, 2024

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