Shai Tubali & Itai Ivtzan

From Self to No-self

Four-day Retreat with Itai Ivtzan and Shai Tubali



A Psycho-spiritual Journey of Liberation

May 4–7, 2023, SEINZ, Bad Kohlgrub, Germany (also available online)

You will get to:

Learn how to confidently walk the integrative path of awareness and to combine psychology and spirituality, self-healing, and self-transcendence.
Experience therapeutic interventions and self-transcendent realizations to benefit from both perspectives.

Participate in a free-flowing dialogue with psychologist and mindfulness expert Itai Ivtzan and philosopher and spiritual teacher Shai Tubali.

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When psychology and spirituality meet

Discover a holistic path of liberating transformation

Many of us have chosen to take the integrative path that combines psychology and spirituality, therapy and meditation. This feels intuitively right and natural. However, these two aspects of the path sometimes seem to clash and contradict one another especially when we are lacking a unified perspective.

How can we go through a journey of awareness that honors and includes these two approaches in a way that can truly benefit us?  

The search for the meeting point between spirituality and psychology has occupied both Itai Ivzan and Shai Tubali for many years. For Itai, this question has led him to his expertise in transpersonal psychology and mindfulness and to the discovery of awareness as the common thread for transformation.

For Shai, this question has propelled him to develop methods that utilize the power of higher states of consciousness for the sake of emotional transformation.

Now the two invite you to join in a transformative dialogue: how can you activate and harmonize both perspectives and practices in your life and realize your psychological holistic self without losing sight of the spiritual reality of no-self? 

Join us on this four-day retreat, dedicated to this passionate inner discovery through cognitive, emotional, and experiential practice.


A complete paradigm shift

The most significant difference between spirituality and psychology lies in their approach to the self: psychology aims to improve and correct the self, whereas spirituality strives to dissolve it.

In other words, psychology allows us to establish a relationship with the self and become aware of its segments – while spirituality invites us to dissolve the self that psychology reflects for us.

Nowadays, there is a booming interest in self-healing and self-love. Many people are becoming aware of their traumas and wounded selves. As a result, they turn to different types of therapy and healing. On the other hand, ancient spiritual teachings like Buddhism and Hinduism tell us that our personal self is an illusion.

With our growing psychological awareness, it seems no longer possible to embrace the spiritual teachings while ignoring our need for therapy. Somehow, the two approaches need to flourish within us and to empower one another. Spirituality without psychology ends in spiritual bypassing; psychology without spirituality can greatly limit our knowledge of our expanded Self.

We need to offer a complete paradigm shift.

Lead New World


If you have been attracted to, and in need of, both approaches, you will find these questions fascinating:

How do you know that you’re not getting stuck in psychological processes only to avoid deeper truths and realities?

Are we here to improve the ego or dissolve it?

Is this a linear process, in which you first develop yourself psychologically and only then progress on a spiritual level?

Can you go through self-transformation and self-improvement at the same time?

How do you face darkness, turbulent emotions, and ego from each perspective (psychological and spiritual) – and how do you combine both to create a wholesome approach?

Can meditation replace therapy? How do you know that you’re not spiritually bypassing – avoiding important issues in your life – when you choose the no-self perspective?

What does a spiritual life that embraces therapy look like? And how can we invoke spiritual practices to enhance our therapeutic processes?


This is what enthusiastic participants say

“For me, a new door has opened where I have more power and use my energy purposefully and not just waste it in emotions that I misunderstood before. At the same time, I can now accompany clients and friends on this path as well, to feel in and discover this inner wisdom that is in all of us.

At one point I asked myself: why didn’t I learn about this earlier? Why didn’t I do this much earlier? Because I think that’s the foundation to really understanding what it means to be human.”

Max Schwindt

Transformational Coach, Engineer

“I have done a lot of different trainings in the spiritual field, but none of the previous ones could establish these deep, lasting changes in me like the School with Shai. This school is a perfect blend of teaching, deep insights and transformational processes. It helps tremendously in developing a deeper understanding of our humanity, understanding the superman power of consciousness, and making real shifts in being. I have never experienced anything like this before! This school is making a significant contribution to the growth and maturation of humanity.”
Natalie Lenz

Transformational Coach, Webdesigner

Liliane Meier

Yoga Teacher

"My personal transformation process was an immense opening to the inner source."

“My personal transformation process was an immense opening to the inner source.

This connectedness, from which I can draw at any time in order to give, is probably the most sacred thing I have realised. I have experienced so much peace in my being that emotions no longer take up so much space. I react much more calmly and clearly when a storm breaks in from the outside. Decisions are no longer based on offended ego, but in compassion and peace.

I would definitely recommend this training. This training is key and there is probably no one who could not use this kind of healing. Especially now in this time when there is a global awakening going on.”

Dr. Nir Brosh

Medical Doctor, Meditation Teacher

"It is a haven for true seekers of truth and transformation."

“The meditation retreats with Shai Tubali had been one of the greatest engines of true spiritual transformation for me, combining profound spiritual wisdom, with crystal clear guidance, imbued with depth and inspiration. Shai is a true master of spirit, and the atmosphere in the retreats is highly supportive and well thought through- it is evident that every little detail is taken into consideration, in order to create a highly transformative and empowering spiritual field. It is a haven for true seekers of truth and transformation.”

Dr. Bettina Preney

Literary scholar

"It is a wonderful intimate journey to oneSelf. "
Last Summer I experienced already a Silent Retreat with Shai Tubali. It is a wonderful intimate journey to oneSelf.

Bathing in Shai’s pure Energy, we are cleansing and purifying ourselves – like in a bath of Light.

Especially his powerful Life-Force-Meditations let us experience the Unity we are – since I am sure that there are no real boundaries between us – that we are all this flowing Life-Energy.

Really, that gives such happiness!

In the time between the meetings with Shai, we can walk in beautiful landscapes, Yoga-exercises are proposed, Dynamic Meditation – and last not least, we have delicious vegan food.

So, I’m really grateful that I can participate in this new Retreat 2023, thank you for organizing such beautiful events!

Franziska Schneider

Web Designer, Transformational Coach

"This Universe is unbelievable and full of miracles – and so is this retreat! "
“After a meditation I had the gift to sink deep into the intimacy of my true essence, losing all boundaries and merging with a happiness which was so unconditional and nourishing that no words can describe it.

This Universe is unbelievable and full of miracles – and so is this retreat!

Thank you with all of my heart for all the Love!”


How the Retreat is structured

During this retreat, Itai and Shai will be teaching together, in a form of open and spontaneous dialogue, based on short teachings and direct responses to participants, in which they will offer reflections together.

These teaching sessions will be empowered by techniques that will be guided by both Itai and Shai. Each of them will introduce the techniques that have been truly effective in their own practice and that they deem the most beneficial for this integrative path. Practices will include psychological shadow work, mindfulness exercises, breathwork, writing exercises, nature meditation, meditation (silent sitting), expansion techniques, and mindful games.

01 Thursday
After gathering on Thursday and being introduced to the process in an opening session, our intensive work together will begin on Friday.
02 Friday

Friday’s first part will be dedicated to the first half of the picture: introducing and practicing the psychological approach and solutions.

Friday’s second part will be devoted to introducing and practicing the spiritual transformative perspective and its solutions.

03 Saturday
On the basis of this theoretical and practical foundation, we will be able to move to greater depths on Saturday. Our Saturday, which will be a half day of silence, will focus on the meeting point: bringing psychology and spirituality together, based on transpersonal psychology, the principle of awareness, breathwork, a holistic perspective of transformation, and the tantric teachings.
04 Sunday
Sunday, our concluding day (which will end at noon time), will help us to grasp the implications of all that we have realized.

philosopher and spiritual teacher

Shai Tubali

Spiritual Teacher, Author and Philosopher – Shai is a prolific and renowned author, with 23 books published to date. His bestselling books have been translated into five languages and have won awards in Israel and the United States.

In his teachings Shai makes use of ancient mystical knowledge to enlighten our human experience. He believes that transcendent states of consciousness have the power to pour meaning, depth, order, and clarity into our deeply complex and sometimes troubled life. In his work, I aim to clarify the principle of psychological and spiritual transformation as much as possible.

Based on his own direct and ongoing revelation of cosmic consciousness since the age of 23, he is a pioneering figure in the field of self-transformation who has helped thousands of people to transform their lives in his many years of teaching around the world.

As the developer of the methods taught in The School of Inner Wisdom, he will design and guide us through the structure of the school and its content. Shai will be leading and teaching profound theoretical understanding and teach us how to systematically access expanded states of consciousness and use them for decision-making processes, in order to shape your destiny, direct your life, reach your goals and build a strong sense of confidence.

psychologist and mindfulness expert

Itai Ivtzan

Itai Ivtzan

For the last 20 years, Itai Ivtzan has devoted himself to the journey of personal transformation. He has taught as a University Professor, started his own school, ran numerous international workshops and retreats, and created many online courses. He also wrote 5 books, 50 scientific publications, and hundreds of popular science readings.

Through consciousness expansion, meditation, psychology, spirituality, and many other growth tools and paradigms, his work is multi-dimensional and filled with awareness. Combining his spiritual and scientific background, he created a life-altering learning process. His thousands of students testify and share: it is a life-altering work that leads to incredible freedom.

He teaches with integrity, knowledge, and a smile.


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How You Can Participate


May 4 – 7, 2023


The retreat begins at 18:00 with a group dinner. Arrival vom 14:00.

The retreat end on the last day at 14:00 after lunch.


SEINZ Wisdom Resort

 Kurhausstr. 1
82433 Bad Kohlgrub

or Online

Interactive Live Streaming

You can also participate online from home. The whole retreat will be streamed live via our interactive live broadcast platform.


Carlos Stickel
+49 178 5175 114


We charge 390 Euro \ 330 Euro (early bird until 1.3.2023) for our retreat program with Itai Ivtzan and Shai Tubali.

The price for the room and food is paid directly to the hotel.

You can pre-register now to secure both your place and the early bird price.


SEINZ Wisdom Resort

Telefon: +49 8845 970


Seinz Seminar Hotel

The price for the accommodation is paid directly to the hotel.

These are your room options:

Room Option per Night, per Person Price in Euro
Single Room Comfort 522
Double Room Comfort 417
3-/ 4 Bed Room Comfort 387
Camping 297


    SEINZ Wisdom Resort

    Telefon: +49 8845 970



    Join the Retreat Now

    Participate live on-site with vegan organic menus that are designed to support the Psycho-Spiritual processes. This package includes online access to all of the video-recordings.

    • Date: May 4-7, 2023Four nights of full-board hospitality
    • Three meals per day: vegan, organic, energizing menu that is carefully designed to support the body’s processes.
    • Learn how to confidently walk the integrative path of awareness and to combine psychology and spirituality, self-healing, and self-transcendence.
    • Experience therapeutic interventions and self-transcendent realizations to benefit from both perspectives.
    • Participate in a free-flowing dialogue with psychologist and mindfulness expert Itai Ivtzan and philosopher and spiritual teacher Shai Tubali.
    • The opportunity to ask questions in written form throughout the retreat, so you can be supported optimally in your individual process.
    • Instruction in English or with simultaneous translation into German.
    • No prior knowledge required.

    Price: 390 Euro \ 330 Euro (early bird until 1.3.2023) + Accomodation




    Secure Your Place Now

    The official registration begins in mid-January.

    You can pre-register now to secure both your place and the early bird price.

    Once the official registration opens in January, you will be the first to be notified.

    You have open questions?



    I am not experienced/have only a little experience with meditation. Can I still join?
    Yes, the retreat program is built in a way that is supportive for beginners and experienced participants alike. You do not need any prior experience in order to participate. The teachings and practices will take you as far as you can go and lead you, in a soft and structured way, to your full potential of transformation at that time.
    What are the accomodation arrangements?
    The retreat includes full-board hospitality. We offer a variety of sleeping options in the seminar hotel. The best way would be to contact the hotel directly to find out together with them which option is most suitable for your needs.
    I am not sure if my English skills are good enough to understand everything.
    The retreat will be guided in English, but we offer simultaneous German translation for anyone who is interested in that through personal high quality receivers and headphones. You can choose to listen in English, German, or both.
    You have more question?

    Please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to get to know you and answer your questions!

    Just write an email to:



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