Awakening the Heart chakra – Booking

Getting to know the lover inside you

The Heart Chakra Weekend of the School of Human Potential


The fourth dimension is not only a crucial dimension of life but also the core of the system and the place where our human experience as a whole is understood and realized.

It is actually the bridge that connects and unites the different dimensions, and it is the place where our experience finally makes sense. This is the dimension of life: love, grace, kindness, and caring, and we can communicate with it through the lover within us.

We will learn to activate the Lover dimension within us and draw strength and inspiration from it, but we will also understand when it is in excess and when it should not be at the forefront.

Above all, we will learn how to use the dimension of love to give meaning to our lives. Our meditations will enable us to expand the boundaries of the lover(s) to realize their deepest potential.

● Main techniques: expanding the fourth dimension; awakening the lover within us
● Meditation on loving kindness and Tonglen

Date: March 23 – 24, 2024

Time: 11:00 – 18:40 CET

Price: 230 €


– Discover and awaken your heart center.

– The potential and challenges of the lover within you

– expansion of the fourth dimension

– Meditation on loving kindness and Tonglen