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Our mission is to show how the light of consciousness can be a powerful way to illuminate every dimension of our human experience. When we tap into this expanded consciousness in us, we are empowered to become our own sources of wisdom and intelligence.

Nowadays especially, we desperately lack any type of broader perspective. Humanity’s life-endangering challenges are met with a deeply limited way of thinking, without considering the quality of the mind that faces these challenges. As a result, while we are flooded with information, we still possess very little clarity. Consciousness is actually the source of clarity and it provides us with the ability to see the world with fresh, new eyes. 


The Power of Your Consciousness

1. The first step is to immerse yourself in an expanded consciousness. This consciousness is home to an experience of wholeness, clarity, inner strength, and health. We experience ourselves as boundless.

2. Compared to the vastness of our consciousness, any form of traumatic or negative memory has lost its threatening nature. This allows us to face the memory without fear, without resistance, and with presence.

3. All the imprints in the body, emotions, and thoughts can now be mindfully released at the root of this awareness.


Your heart knows the way

This life is precious. And it is too short to let our fears, blockages, and the past that we carry around with us hold us back.

The more we begin to release these inner shackles, the freer we become, and the more we can create a life from a new consciousness.


Significantly Improved Mental Health

Increased Flourishing

Reduced Negative Effect


The Expansion Method

The Expansion Method, developed by Dr. Shai Tubali, is now being utilized by therapists and coaches across Europe. Its effectiveness has been confirmed through a study conducted by the Charité Berlin (Europe’s largest university hospital) and published by the leading peer-reviewed Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine.

The study demonstrates significant changes in mental health and flourishing. This is a great encouragement on our way to establishing the gifts of the expansion of consciousness through further, randomized controlled trials.

This method enables us to systematically and reliably access expanded states of consciousness, where a sense of wholeness, clarity, inner strength, and well-being naturally resides.

By experiencing our consciousness in this state as greater than any negative memory, we can approach it without resistance or fear and release it mindfully at its root.


Trauma Intensive Workshop

In this intensive 4-day workshop, you will learn how to release negative emotions, memories, and traumas at their root using the power of expanded states of consciousness, and uncover and dissolve the ties that keep you connected to and shaped by the past.


What previous participants sag about the Expansion Method

“I have done a lot of different trainings in the spiritual field, but none of the previous ones could establish these deep, lasting changes in me like the School of Emotional Transformation. This school is a perfect blend of teaching, deep insights and transformational processes. It helps tremendously in developing a deeper understanding of our humanity, understanding the superman power of consciousness, and making real shifts in being. I have never experienced anything like this before! This school is making a significant contribution to the growth and maturation of humanity.”

Natalie Lenz

Transformational Coach

“For me, a new door has opened where I have more power and use my energy purposefully and not just waste it in emotions that I misunderstood before. At the same time, I can now accompany clients and friends on this path as well, to feel in and discover this inner wisdom that is in all of us. At one point I asked myself: why didn’t I learn about this earlier? Why didn’t I do this much earlier? Because I think that’s the foundation to really understanding what it means to be human.”

Max Schwindt

Engineer, Transformational Coach

“I have learnt to understand myself much better, as well as other people. And especially the expansion is a very powerful method to get deep into the subconscious. With it I was able to once again go completely consciously into a traumatic experience, see what limited beliefs were created in that experience and from the meditative expansiveness I was able to take a different look at things and also fill them with more awareness. I am very grateful to have gone through this process.”

Tobias Fricke


3 Reasons Why We Should Have a Personal Conversation


Become part of the new psychological revolution.

Learn how to use the power of expanded states of consciousness to build resilience and release negative emotions, hurts, and traumas at the root.

Discover a unique, holistic methodology that combines the wisdom of your body with the power of your consciousness.

Whether it’s your personal transformation or working with clients, you will achieve faster results because you are not only working on the mental level but also learning to release blockages and fears at the root—in the subconscious and in the energy body—at the level of emotions and feelings. This will enable you to bring about a lasting and liberating transformation.

Heal your relationship with the past and begin to shape your present with freedom.

Learn which core emotions bind us to the past—e.g.,  remorse, shame, anger, revenge—and how we can release these entanglements and shape the present free from the burden of the past.

In the non-binding initial consultation, we will get to know each other and better understand your current situation, as well as your wishes and goals. On this basis, we will create an individual transformation plan and see whether and how the trauma intensive workshop is right for you.


Liliane Meier

Yoga Teacher

"My personal transformation process was an immense opening to the inner source."
“For me the personal transformation process was very healing. Understanding what traumas are, how they arise and how they can be healed through the expansion has supported me very much in my process of growing and healing my soul. In my work as a yoga teacher and of course with myself, I see very clearly where the traumas are set in the body. This combination of healing through movement and the expansion is the optimal healing process for me personally. The most difficult thing for me personally was the healing of the very old “wounds”. There I felt how long this can take to really heal. Ergo, my personal transformation process was an immense opening to the inner source.

This connectedness, from which I can draw at any time to give, that is probably the most sacred thing I have realized.
I have experienced so much peace in my being that emotions no longer take up so much space. I react much more calmly and clearly when a storm breaks in from the outside. Decisions are no longer based on offended ego, but in compassion and peace.
I would definitely recommend this training. This training is key and there is probably no one who could not use this kind of healing. Especially now in this time when a global awakening is underway.”

Ines Molle

Psycho Therapist

"I am very convinced of the enormous effectiveness and beauty of this way of accompanying and supporting people in healing and maturing processes"
“What is certain is that I am increasingly integrating the techniques into my work as a psychotherapist. I already work with it quite a lot and I am very convinced of the enormous effectiveness and beauty of this way of accompanying and supporting people in healing and maturing processes. My experiences so far have also shown that the patients I have worked with ask for it again. They are also grateful that they have found a place where spiritual processes can take place alongside psychological development and maturation.

Yes, I recommend this training! It holds so much potential for transforming unconscious and deeply buried fears, patterns and beliefs that cannot be reached with the mind, thinking and language. With the help of the wisdom of the body and the chakra system, which can be expressed through the very well structured instructions, deeply rooted and imprinted patterns and even traumas can be dissolved. This makes an invaluable contribution to emotional and psychological maturation.

The expansion and opening of the chakra system and finally of the heart itself makes it possible to completely overcome fear and to love and live freely and wholeheartedly. At the same time, the methods of the training are also developed and suitable for self-users, so that in the end no therapists or other experts are needed.

A wonderful tool to develop independence and inner freedom”.

Dennis Fichtner

Social Worker

"The expansion techniques have given me a tool to help clients directly and immediately. I had missed that in my work so far."
“I would strongly recommend the training to others for several reasons. Firstly, I find it very suitable for becoming an emotional adult. And thus to narrow or close the gap between emotional experience and intellectual understanding. In my opinion, this School can replace many years of psychotherapy at least equally in many cases, because the techniques have a very direct effect on processes of change and are very clear and precise.


If you take the training seriously, it leaves little room for the soul to hide behind the role of victim. Personal responsibility for one’s own life quickly becomes clear during this time, which I consider an important basis for further development. I also recommend this school to people who want to accompany others in change processes or who already work in a helping profession.

For me as a social worker, it gave me important background information on the psyche and on being human in general, which indirectly improved my work. For example, through more understanding for myself and others. At the same time, the expansion techniques have given me a tool to help clients directly and immediately. I had missed that in my work so far.”

The next psychological revolution is using higher states of consciousness to unravel our emotional conflicts and difficult memories. We cannot resolve problems from within the limited mind that created them. Only the giant of consciousness within you can fulfill this task.”


– Shai Tubali, Ph.D.


Become part of the consciousness revolution

We are convinced that the power of our expanded consciousness is a game-changer in therapy and coaching. That is why it is our mission to share this gift of expanded consciousness and make its healing and empowering potential available to as many people as possible.

We are convinced that this is exactly what the world needs right now. There is already enough conflict in the world. It is time to move from hurting and being hurt to a path of healing. It is time to stop reacting out of trauma and conditioning and start acting out of a sense of freedom, compassion, and clarity.

This is not your fault.

We never learned as children, teenagers, or young adults to process our past in the right way and to let go in a healthy way. That’s why we have developed ways of moving on anyway. To do this, we repress unpleasant memories in the subconscious. And so they accompany us like a shadow, are triggered again and again unexpectedly, and determine our relationships with others and with ourselves. Carrying this burden around hinders our spiritual, mental, and emotional growth.

If you have now reached a point in your life where you are ready to face these shadows and reconcile with your past, then this invitation is for you.

The upcoming Trauma Intensive Workshop is your chance to take action and give yourself the priceless gift of making peace with your past, bringing peace to your soul, releasing your inner demons, and healing your pain.

Make a free appointment now for your analysis session, and together we will see how we can help you achieve the breakthrough you desire with the power of expanded states of consciousness.

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