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How to release negative memories and traumas at their root using the power of expanded states of consciousness.

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If you want to transform your present and create a meaningful future, you need to let go of the past.

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The gamechanger of trauma work: The power of expanded consciousness, and how and why it works so effectively.


Become a trauma detective: To be able to release and transform distressing memories, we must first understand what binds us to them. What takes place in our body-mind complex during traumatic moments? And how do we use this knowledge to transform?


A detailed case study so you can see what a transformative process with the Expansion Method looks like.


The fastest way to start using the healing and empowering power of expanded states of consciousness for yourself.

Hello, my name is Tamar Brosh, and I’m a professional in the fields of trauma healing and positive psychology coaching. I specialize in facilitating emotional healing processes and training both professionals and individuals in the transformative expansion method. 

I firmly believe that by equipping ourselves with the right tools and harnessing the power of consciousness, we can achieve profound healing, liberate ourselves from the grip of negative past experiences, and lead lives free from unnecessary suffering.

Once you have a deeper understanding of the inner mechanisms of traumatic events, their implications, and ways to release and avoid them in the future, you could enjoy a sense of better inner health, flow, and stability, an increasing sense of inner power and self-responsibility, and easier access to meditative states.

So I wish you a healing and profound reading journey into your negative memories, their release, and ways to avoid their occurrence in the future.


“I can’t put into words exactly how deep Shai Tubali’s and Tamar Brosh’s teaching goes and how much it has transformed and supported me and my life.

I highly recommend his programs to anyone interested in deeper, all-encompassing transformation and personal growth.”

Franziska Schneider

Web Designer & Coach, Conscious Soul Design

“We worked on my willpower and were able to strengthen my presence in life and experience of inner stillness. The process with Tamar was amazing and a very significant part of my developmental journey. I would not be who I am today without it. Tamar is a wonderful therapist, full of wisdom, love, sensitivity and a deep knowledge of the human psyche and consciousness. I highly recommend her sessions and classes.”

Sufi Haim

Holistic Therapist

“For me as a social worker, Shai and Tamar have provided important background on the psyche and being human in general, which has indirectly improved my work. For example, through more understanding of myself and others. At the same time, the extension techniques have given me a tool to help clients directly and immediately. This is something I had been missing in my work.”

Dennis Fichtner

Social Worker

Become part of the revolution of expanded consciousness! 

The next psychological revolution is using higher states of consciousness to unravel our emotional conflicts and difficult memories. We cannot resolve problems from within the limited mind that created them. Only the giant of consciousness within you can fulfill this task.”


– Shai Tubali, Ph.D.


We believe that the power of our expanded consciousness is a game-changer in therapy and coaching. That is why it is our mission to share this gift of expanded consciousness and make its healing and empowering potential available to as many people as possible.

We are convinced that this is exactly what the world needs right now. There is already enough conflict in the world. It is time to move from hurting and being hurt to a path of healing. It is time to stop reacting out of trauma and conditioning and start acting out of a sense of freedom, compassion, and clarity. 

That is why it is our mission to share this gift of expanded consciousness and make its healing and empowering potential available to as many people as possible. That is why we created this free PDF guide.

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