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Free yourself from mental chatter and discover the secrets of the silent mind

Discover the three different levels of the mind and its higher potential

Powerful techniques to break through the endless mental chatter and enter into expanded states of consciousness of stillness, clarity, and creativity


How we rediscover and reshape our lives from this new awareness

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What is your next step? Do you know the feeling of not knowing which direction to go?

We live in fast-paced times. When things change, old solutions and automatic ways of thinking no longer seem to offer answers to the new reality.

It may be a turning point in a relationship, in a job or another area of life – in certain situations we have to make decisions that can bring profound changes. 

The ability to act with absolute clarity, certainty and confidence in uncertain situations does not lie in reading another book, listening to our gut or accumulating even more information.

Usually, we try to overcome our challenges with our limited mind, without considering the most important factor: the quality of mind with which we approach the challenge.

You are invited to join Shai Tubali on this mini-challenge to break out of stuck thought loops and discover the higher potentials of our minds.


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“I cannot put into words how deep Shai Tubali’s teaching goes and how much Shai and Tamar’s work has changed and supported me and my life.

I highly recommend his program to anyone interested in deep, all-encompassing transformation and personal growth.”

Franziska Schneider

Webdesigner & Transformational Coach

“As a social worker, Shai has given me important background information about the psyche and being human in general, which has indirectly improved my work. For example, by giving me more understanding of myself and others.

At the same time, the expansion techniques have given me a tool to help my clients directly and immediately. I had missed that in my previous work.”

Dennis Fichtner

Social Worker

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About Shai Tubali

For the past 22 years, Shai has devoted his time as a teacher for psychological and spiritual transformation. In essence, he helps others to understand themselves: the forces within them, the subtle structures of their psyche and soul, and their own complex being in this life.

Through his practice, he helps people to get in touch with their own light of consciousness so that they can also become sources of order and intelligence, and illuminate their lives. He makes use of ancient mystical knowledge to enlighten our personal and collective human experience.

His aim is to clarify the principle of psychological and spiritual transformation as much as possible and to create accessible models, processes of development, and effective methods of transformation. This type of work inspires psychotherapists, psychologists, and coaches; spiritual seekers and meditators; and people in the process of self-development who are interested in both therapy and spirituality.

Through this challenge, my wish is for you to embark on an uplifting journey within the soul. May your chakras thrive as you activate them for more ease, harmony and fulfillment.

“If you want to truly listen to something, there has to be complete silence on your part. Listening is no different from silence, because in real listening, there can be no activity or movement in the mind. In other words, only silence can listen.”

~ Shai Tubali

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