We are not really aware of the reasons for – nor the roots of – our deeper life issues and emotional patterns, because they do not lie in the conscious but in the subconscious.

This means that the subconscious decisively controls our everyday experience of life. It determines how we feel, how we see ourselves and how we act.

This is also the reason why certain challenges and situations in our lives always seem to repeat themselves – because we have not yet learnt their deepest lesson. We cannot grasp the source.

Perhaps you have heard spiritual teachers say that after enlightenment, or spiritual liberation, there is no more subconsciousness. It is also said of the Buddha that, after awakening, he claimed to remember all his previous incarnations.

One aspect of true liberation is precisely that there are no unconscious forces controlling the experience, unnoticed.

This makes working directly with the subconscious an essential lever for our transformation and awakening, and the more this happens, the more a deeper remembering of the nature of our soul and its deepest origin begins. Finally, we learn what it means to live and function in this world as a fully realized, free soul.

This unique journey start on 20.11.2021.

The School of the Soul’s Journey.

Training for Liberation through our deepest Subconscious.

Discover your true purpose in life and learn to release and transform deep-seated, unconscious blockages and patterns, awaken hidden abilities and thus unfold the full potential of your soul.

This programme was completely newly developed by Shai Tubali and is now being offered for the first time. It is an invitation to learn to use the power of the subconscious for deepest transformation and liberation and finally to work self-confidently on this earth as a free and conscious soul.

His most important methods for working with the subconscious, discovering our SoulPrints and awakening the soul are taught for the first time in such depth that it is also possible to become certified in them. This aspect is especially relevant for you if you are a therapist, alternative practitioner or coach – or if you want to accompany people through transformative and liberating processes in the future as a Soul Transformation Coach.

The School of the Soul’s Journey starts on 20.11.2021.

We worked on my willpower and were able to strengthen my presence in life and the experience of inner stillness. The process with Tamar was amazing and a very significant part of my developmental journey and being who I am today.

Tamar is a wonderful therapist, full of wisdom, love, sensitivity and a deep knowledge of the human psyche and consciousness. I highly recommend her sessions and courses.”

Sufi Haim, Holistic Therapist

I cannot put into words exactly how deep Shai Tubali’s teaching goes and how much it has transformed and supported me and my life.


This year I am especially looking forward to the upcoming “School of the Soul’s Journey” and can recommend it to everyone who is interested in deeper, all-encompassing transformation and personal development. 🙏



Franziska Schneider, Previous School Participant

The Three Stages of the Soul’s Journey

1. Putting together the pieces of the puzzle of the soul.

We learn about the nature of the soul – how it expresses itself in our lives, how we awaken it, what our deeper life and soul themes are. We learn about the puzzle pieces of the soul and gain an initial deeper understanding. This includes techniques for working with dreams and collective dreams.

2. Going through the darkness: the negative subconscious

We go into the depths of the subconscious and learn about hidden memories – the roots of our deeper life issues. This is the key to recognising why we constantly experience the same situations and conflicts. This phase also includes the deeper meaning of karma. Finally, we learn techniques for working directly with – and transforming – these deeper soul issues.

3. Towards the light: the positive subconscious.

The journey then takes us into awakening positive soul memories. We learn about the three levels of soul liberation: awakening to their abilities and skills; the ability to consciously go through death; and remembering their true nature. Finally, we learn what it means to become a conscious, realised and liberated soul and to work in this world.