[Webinar Recording] Root Chakra and Trauma

Buddha Walking Meditation

In this intensive 4-day workshop, you will learn how to release negative emotions, memories, and traumas at their root using the power of expanded states of consciousness, and uncover and dissolve the ties that keep you connected to and shaped by the past.


How to use the power of expanded states of consciousness to build resilience and release negative emotions, hurts and traumas at their root.


Discover a unique, holistic methodology that combines the wisdom of your body with the power of your consciousness.


Heal your relationship with the past and begin to shape your present in freedom.


Which core emotions bind us to the past, e.g. regret, shame, anger, revenge - and how to release these entanglements.


In-depth lectures, for the right understanding, step-by-step techniques and partner practice.


How we consciously integrate the past into our present.

Webinar Offer, upon registration until March 14, 2024:

  • 50 € Discount on the normal prices
  • Bonus Lecture from Shai Tubali: The Seven Types of Trauma


You probably know the feeling of carrying around unresolved issues from the past.
Situations in which you have felt deeply hurt, disappointed and betrayed, and which seem too unfair to let go of.
We have also all experienced moments of regret where we have caused hurt or disappointment.

These are the moments when we have never fully reconciled, situations where we have wronged others and have not been able to make amends or put things right. We have made decisions that we find difficult to accept.

If any of this applies to you, you probably know the feeling of not being able to let go of the past. That it has become a shadow that follows you everywhere.


This is not your fault.

As children, teenagers or young adults, we never learned to process our past in the right way and let go of it in a healthy way. That’s why we developed ways to move on anyway. To do this, we repress unpleasant memories into the subconscious.
And so they accompany us like a shadow, are triggered again and again unexpectedly and determine our relationship with others and with ourselves.

Carrying around this burden also hinders our spiritual, mental and emotional growth.

If you have reached a point in your life where you are ready to face these shadows and reconcile with your past, then this invitation is for you.

The Trauma Intensive Workshop is your chance to take action and give yourself the priceless gift of making peace with your past, bringing peace to your soul, releasing your inner demons and healing your pain.


An enlightened relationship with the past means:

1. discovering and cultivating a sense of freedom from the past.
2. taking care of past imprints and emotions.
3. learning to integrate the past into the present, to honor it and to grow from it.

Let us discover this together!