What is your Chakra Personality Type?

Take the Quiz and Discover the Energetic Forces That Shape Your Life, Your Relationships, and Your Place in the World

“All of you are rays of the great sun; beautiful embodiments of your own chakra types” – Shai Tubali

Discover how to unleash your inner potential and find true fulfilment and meaning by tuning into your unique chakra type.


The chakras define seven centers of perception and experience. Through these centers, we each encounter and experience our own multi-dimensional reality. When you look at life through the lens provided by the chakras, you discover that it can be seen in specific and distinct ways, and in light of this discovery, different values, meaning, and happiness become far more relevant. Each one holds a different energy and examining these qualities can help you to use the chakras as a tool for understanding yourself and coping with change.

The Chakra Personality Type is a highly effective approach to understanding and accepting ourselves as we are, with our strengths and weaknesses. It helps us to work out our life issues and get to know our Soulprint. But it is only one piece of the puzzle of Shai Tubali’s holistic system for becoming fully conscious of our soul journey.