The School of Emotional Transformation

Discover the School of Emotional Transformation

Learn to release negative emotions at their root using the power of expanded states of consciousness. Lead people in crisis situations to breakthroughs and build a fulfilling career as an emotion coach.

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A Journey to Emotional Mastery


Learn to release negative emotions, blockages, and even trauma at their root using the power of expanded states of consciousness to enable breakthroughs in crisis situations. 


Lead yourself and your clients to lasting emotional resilience and true inner strength, and build a fulfilling career as an Emotional Transformation Coach.

Our emotions are at the center of our human experience. They color our perceptions, shape our decisions, and influence our interactions with others.

This makes emotional maturity a central key to inner freedom and a fulfilled life. Purely mental coaching and therapy approaches are not enough. We need a holistic approach that enables us to change our emotional reality.

That is the invitation of this 8-month flagship program by Shai Tubali, Ph.D. Over 120 therapists, health professionals, and coaches have already been trained in this system across Europe.





The Advantages of this Approach


Fulfilling work as a transformational coach

Learn how to use the power of expanded states of consciousness to build resilience and release negative emotions, hurts, and traumas at their root. Find fulfillment in what you do and start making a difference in the world.


Set yourself apart with a unique methodology

Whether it’s about your personal transformation or working with clients, you will achieve success faster because you are not only working on the mental level. You will learn to release blockages and fears at their root – in the subconscious, in the energy body, at the level of emotions and feelings. This will enable you to bring about lasting and liberating transformation.

Personal support

 You can ask your questions in monthly group supervision sessions and will also receive personal support during this process.



After completing the program, you will be able to guide life-changing processes of emotional transformation.



Why we experience different emotions in different areas of the body and how you can read this “map” of emotions.


How you can design individual transformation processes for different personality types.


How to shift from a victim perspective and an experience of weakness to true inner strength and self-responsibility


How to reliably lead others into expanded states of consciousness.

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Become part of the revolution of expanded consciousness!

“The next psychological revolution is to use higher states of consciousness to unravel our emotional conflicts and difficult memories. We cannot solve problems from within the limited mind that created them. Only the giant of consciousness within you can accomplish this task.”


– Shai Tubali, Ph.D.


We believe that the power of our expanded consciousness fundamentally changes therapy and coaching. Therefore, it is our mission to share this gift of expanded consciousness and make its healing and empowering potential available to as many people as possible.

We are convinced that this is exactly what the world needs right now. There is already enough conflict in the world. It is time to move from hurting and being hurt to a path of healing. It’s time to stop reacting out of trauma and conditioning and start acting out of a sense of freedom, compassion, and clarity.

Take the first step to transform your life and career. Join our waiting list today and be among the first to know when registration opens again. Your path to becoming an Emotional Transformation Coach starts here.

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