Awakening the Warrior Inside Us – Booking

The School of Human Potential Invites you to get to know the warrior inside you


Leaving behind our encounter with the core of our being, we will move to the incredibly important dimension of life as energy and directed power, or will. This dimension manifests in us as the Warrior, which is the one that is driven to realize how far one can accomplish in life and what mountaintops and triumphs are there to reach. We will learn how the Warrior functions within the map of our being and in relation to the Meditator and the Lover. We will initiate a dialogue with this player within us and understand when we need it the most. Our meditations will help us recognize the Warrior as an immutable power and as a self-directing will.

● Major techniques: Mountain Meditation and Expansion of the Third Dimension to awaken the warrior within us.

Date: April 20 – 21, 2024

Time: 11:00 – 18:40 CET

Price: 220 €


– Discover and awaken the warrior inside you – your solar plexus chakra.

– The potential and challenges of the warrior within you

– expansion of the warrior dimension

– Specific meditations to awaken the warrior