Becoming a Chakra Whisperer – Webinar Recording


School of Human Potential

November 2023 – June 2024

Embark on a unique 8-month journey that harmoniously blends philosophy, psychology, meditation, and energy work, and learn to guide people on the path to unlocking their full potential as an Integrative Life Coach.

What awaits you:


Discover a holistic perspective on being human, our challenges, imbalances, and blockages, and learn to re-harmonize them through meditative and energetic techniques.


Become an expert on the human energy system – the 7 chakras – and learn to awaken these seven dimensions of your being and guide people to unfold their full potential.


Enhance your current work with people and elevate it to a new level, or embark on a new fulfilling career as an Integrative Life Coach.

There comes a time when there is an opportunity to make a difference through positive transformation within ourselves, and through our actions in the world. That time is now.