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How to find true self-love and acceptance of others with your chakra types


Learn to understand and accept the first and most important relationship in your life – the one with yourself


The 7 main personality types and their path to true self-acceptance


The holistic personality model as the key to a fulfilled life is presented

“As far as the divine will is concerned – and unlike the way you think – we are at this very moment in the right body, with the right limitations and the right obstacles on our path.”

~ Shai Tubali

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The live workshop with Tamar Brosh will take place once on 20.06.2022 at 19:00. It will go for about 2 hours.

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Meeting ID: 85781073594



This evening will also introduce the new certification programme “Your Three Chakra Personality Type – Discover the Hidden Structure of Your Soul” with Shai Tubali and Tamar Brosh. If you would like to learn more about the training starting on 9/10 July, come to this free evening and ask your questions.


What others say about the Chakra Personality Types and Shai Tubali​

“A new perspective of the chakras representing archetypal personalities.

This integrative approach identifies and illuminates spiritual, mental and emotional patterns that give clarity toward soul essence and personal path.”

Francesca McCartney

PhD, Academy of Intuition Medicine(R)

“A peaceful world starts with a peaceful mind, and this book encourages peace by helping us understand all facets of our being, helping us to embrace other points of view, and leading us to experience wholeness within ourselves.”

Cindy Lora-Renard

Spiritual life coach and author of A Course in Health and Well-Being, Academy of Intuition Medicine(R)

“A magnificent way to understand yourself as a spiritual being having a physical experience.

Highly recommended!”

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Author of Living Bliss: Major Discoveries Along the Holistic Path

“Life guidance as to ‘why we are who we are’. Shai has made a great contribution to the vibrant living library of evolving human consciousness in a most integrated, readable and admirable way.

His insights encourage the reader to understand the deep connections between Chakras, mind, body and spirit.”

Patricia Mercier

Author of bestselling The Chakra Bible and The Little Book of Chakras

“In an era in which we frequently limit our perspective of ourselves to a body, mind, or soul, this book is a wonderful invitation to experience yourself as an inspiring integration of all three.”
Dr. Itai Ivtzan

Associate Professor, Naropa University and Mindfulness teacher and researcher

“Through the unconditional love that Shai always transmits in his seminars, through his pure presence, through the hope, the explanations, I was able to embark on the spiritual path. I understand the deep meaning of his being. I am infinitely grateful. I have the feeling of having been saved. I feel like a caterpillar and Shai has given me the nourishment I needed to become a beautiful butterfly. My heart is open and I feel, see, hear the love everywhere. Through his words the path continues for me as well and through that I touch other people again and the world starts to change. I notice this in my immediate surroundings.”
Jeanett Schnoor

The Chakra Types: A Journey to Your Inner Essence as a Pathway to a Fulfilled Live


Every soul is made up partly of divine essence, and partly of an individual design derived from the chakra system, from which we perceive the world fundamentally differently and from which we function in different ways.

Discovering this individual dimension of the chakra system was an important key to deep self-realisation for Shai Tubali.

Being able to read the personality structure of our chakras shows us who we are, what our purpose is in this life and how we can develop our unique gifts and abilities.

This leads to a profound self-acceptance. Because we understand in depth that we are just so right. And it leads to more acceptance of other people because we also learn to understand and value their perspective on life and their personality types.

About Tamar Brosh

Tamar Brosh has a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching from the University of East London and is certified as an instructor in the Expansion Method and Power Psychology by Shai Tubali.

She is an experienced facilitator in trauma release and places great emphasis on spiritual development and self-empowerment. Over the past 16 years, she has helped many people break through obstacles and limiting patterns in her thriving clinics in Israel and Berlin. She mentors women and trains them to overcome the emotional body by combining the power of meditation and expansion with power psychology.

In the School for Emotional Transformation, our transformational coach training, she is co-teacher with Shai Tubali and focuses on teaching the techniques and practical application of the methods as tools for self-transformation and working with clients in coaching and therapy.

“I cannot put into words how deep Shai Tubali’s teaching goes and how much the work of Shai and Tamar has changed and supported me and my life.

I can recommend his programs to anyone who is interested in deep, all-encompassing transformation and personal development.”

Franziska Schneider

Webdesigner & Transformational Coach

“As a social worker, Shai has given me important background information about the psyche and being human in general, which has indirectly improved my work. For example, through more understanding of myself and others.

At the same time, the expansion techniques have given me a tool with which I can help my clients directly and immediately. I had missed that in my previous work.”

Dennis Fichtner

Social Worker

“As far as the divine will is concerned – and unlike the way you think – we are at this very moment in the right body, with the right limitations and the right obstacles on our path.”

~ Shai Tubali

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