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Unleash the Light of Positive Emotions through Expanded States of Consciousness.

In this FREE 7-Day Journey, tap into expanded states of consciousness to enliven every aspect of your daily life with new abundance, wonder, and true happiness in minutes a day.

With Shai Tubali, Ph.D.


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Tap into the Empowering Power of Positive Emotions with Daily Guided Meditations, a New Focus, and Accountability, From Day 1 to Day 7


a radically different approach

Positive emotions have the power to transform you

Due to the conditioning of our minds, we tend to constantly look for and focus on problems and difficulties. This is called problem consciousness. Usually, our approach to therapy and inner transformation results from this inclination. It is based on the perception of a wounded, broken self. This challenge presents a completely different approach. 

It’s all about focusing on our ability to tap into positive emotions, expand and enhance them on a daily basis, and simply watch a miracle take place. 

Positive emotions connect us with the greater cosmic reality, a reality of absolute positivity.

They help us reconnect with our reservoir of power and independence.

Positive emotions heal our sense of broken, damaged selves simply by bringing us to a sense of wholeness.


Accelerate the healing and transformative power of positive emotions

In just minutes a day, the Expansion Method profoundly alters your state of consciousness, thereby leading to states of bliss, clarity, deep independence, and true happiness.

Research on the Expansion Method, conducted by Charite Berlin (Europe’s largest university hospital) and published by the leading peer-reviewed Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine, demonstrates significant changes in mental health and flourishing.

We are on a mission to establish the gifts of expanded consciousness in the world. That is why we are now making this meditation program available for free. 

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Significantly Improved Mental Health

Increased Flourishing

Reduced Negative Effect

This course was medically researched, reflecting significant changes in mental health and flourishing.

A couple months ago, the very positive and promising results of a pilot study involving 350 participants, conducted by Charité researchers, were published in the leading journal in this field, 'Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine'.

As a result, the Charité, Europe's largest university hospital (also considered to be the 6th best hospital in the world), will now begin to conduct randomized-controlled trials in relation to the effects of the method on trauma healing.


Benefits of a consistent expansion practice:

Deep relief from habitual destructive patterns of thinking and feeling.

An increased sense of well-being and more energy, inner power, and true independence.

Higher meditative abilities and discovering a new type of meditation for life.

Relief from depression.

Increased sense of physical health.

Simple techniques based on the Expansion Method that we can use daily to make the most of our reservoir of positive emotions.

Relief for many psychosomatic disorders.

meet transformational philosopher

Shai Tubali, Ph.D.

As an avid researcher of consciousness, Shai blends academic philosophy and mysticism to explore the transformative power of expanded consciousness. His journey delves deep into how these states shape not only individual lives but also humanity’s present and future. Integrating Eastern and Western philosophies, he offers comprehensive insights into the nature and potential of consciousness.

Holding a doctorate in the philosophy of religion from the University of Leeds, Shai is also a research fellow at its Arts and Humanities Research Institute. His academic works include the publication of „The Transformative Philosophical Dialogue“ (Springer, 2023), which showcases his scholarly perspective on consciousness. As the author of several books on inner transformation, he shares his insights widely. Since 2000, he has been guiding workshops, retreats, and professional trainings, impacting countless individuals. He actively engages in programs focusing on emotional maturity, human intelligence evolution, and mystical evolution, blending transformative knowledge with proven methods. His passion has led to the creation of numerous original methods for psychological transformation, including the medically researched Expansion Method.


Among Shai’s books:

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The Light of Positive Emotions

Free 7-day challenge

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