Hidden Memory Mastery 

Master the power of your subconscious to reliably release and transform even the deepest blockages and patterns at the root and awaken hidden potential and talents.

March 1 – June 14, 2024


Heal your past, transform your present, and shape your future

To shape our present freely, we must confront perhaps the greatest challenge on the transformative path: letting go of the past.

With certain patterns, traumas, fears, or blockages, it often feels impossible to change them, no matter how hard we try. We may not even know the origins of these issues, and they seem to have always been present.

It’s quite simple: if we want to be free from these deeply rooted negative imprints, we must start at the root, which lies in the subconscious.

Hidden Memory Mastery is a flagship program designed for therapists, coaches, individuals in the healing professions, and anyone seeking a breakthrough in their inner transformation journey. It is an invitation to learn how to master the subconscious mind and facilitate liberating transformations, even with our most persistent issues

The light can be found within the darkness, so darkness is a great source of light. When we enter the darkness and use the Expansion Process, we can extract the light right from the darkness. 

All of a sudden, the light of consciousness shines like a bright sun and we realize that darkness is our most loving friend, the origin of our wisdom, love and joy.”


– Tamar Brosh

The Unique Approach

Do you want to be able to change lives and bring healing and deeply liberating transformation into the world?

After completing the Hidden Memory Mastery program, you will be able to:

1. Understand the subconscious mind

Gain insights into the different levels of the subconscious and understand where various issues, such as trauma, aggression, or addiction/attachment, originate. This understanding transforms our approach to inner transformation.

2. Dive into the subconscious

Learn effective techniques for working with the subconscious mind, enabling you to access the appropriate level and address the root of the challenge directly.

3. Facilitate transformation with the power of Expanded Consciousness

Utilize the Expansion Method to guide clients into an expanded state of consciousness. This state fosters experiences of wholeness, clarity, inner strength, and health, allowing for the mindful release of negative imprints at their root.

The Map into the Hidden Memories

Decoding the Subconscious

Whenever we encounter stubborn patterns, deeply rooted beliefs, or irrational thoughts and behaviors that cannot be resolved with conventional techniques, the solution leads us into the subconscious.

Therefore, we need a method to access the otherwise inaccessible roots of these deep-seated imprints and patterns.


Model of the Subconscious by Dr. Shai Tubali.

1. We will learn to approach early life traumas and pre-birth traumas, utilizing two major techniques. This exploration reveals recurring soul themes and the interconnectedness of cause and effect in our lives. It also suggests that the negative subconscious, once transformed, holds positive potential.

2. Furthermore, we will explore two additional aspects of the negative subconscious: aggression and desire. This will introduce us to the concept of karma and how it embeds itself in us through these three aspects—victimhood, aggression, and desire.

3. To prepare for this challenging work, we will study principles of power psychology, equipping us to take responsibility for our actions in both the recent and distant past.

4. The training culminates in awakening the positive subconscious, focusing on the Expansion of Hidden Memory of Skills and Abilities. We will unearth and enhance inherent soul skills and abilities, often deeply buried or suppressed. These capacities don’t require development but rather rediscovery. Once released from the subconscious, they illuminate our present being and prime us for full manifestation in the world.


This is the only program in 2024 that teaches this advanced level of the Expansion Method (Hidden Memory).

The next psychological revolution is using higher states of consciousness to unravel our emotional conflicts and difficult memories. We cannot resolve problems from within the limited mind that created them. Only the giant of consciousness within you can fulfill this task.”


– Dr. Shai Tubali


Significantly Improved Mental Health

Increased Flourishing

Reduced Negative Effect


The Expansion Method

The Expansion Method, developed by Dr. Shai Tubali, is now being utilized by therapists and coaches across Europe. Its effectiveness has been confirmed through a study conducted with Charité in Berlin; one of the largest university hospitals in Europe.

This method enables us to systematically and reliably access expanded states of consciousness, where a sense of wholeness, clarity, inner strength, and well-being naturally resides.

By experiencing our consciousness in this state as greater than any negative memory, we can approach it without resistance or fear and release it mindfully at its root.

FoR a Liberating and INTEGRATIVE Experience

Components of the Program

In the Hidden Memory Mastery, we have created the optimal combination of live calls, partner work, supervision, optional in-depth content for self-study, and community exchange.

Live Dates

The entire program is streamed on various live dates. This allows you to ask questions at any time and ensures the deepening of your understanding.


All live sessions are recorded and made available on our online campus. This means you can access them at any time afterward and won’t miss out even if you miss a live session. You can also access in-depth bonus lessons and demonstration sessions for self-study.


During the monthly supervision evenings, questions can be asked, case studies from practice are reviewed, ideas are exchanged, and you benefit from Tamar Brosh’s years of experience as a spiritual therapist.


Detailed Techniques

You will receive structured and detailed hidden memory techniques in PDF format, available in bilingual (English & German), as well as explanatory presentations that make the structure understandable. This enables you to systematically and reliably immerse yourself in the subconscious and work transformatively from expanded states of consciousness.


Practice Partners

Throughout the training, we practice hidden memory techniques with assigned practice partners. This deepens our transformative experience, and we gain valuable experience in guiding the techniques.

Optional Mentoring Support

It is recommended to book an additional 3-4 Hidden Memory sessions with one of our experienced mentors or with Tamar personally to deepen your transformative experience.

The program is designed for 4 months, but you have access to all content for 24 months via our Online Campus.

The key to inner freedom lies in the subconscious


The Training Modules

MODULE I: Hidden Memory and Trauma

1. Introduction: (1.3.2024)

What are hidden memories?
Memory connections 
The structure of the subconscious 
Working with the subconscious level with clients 

2. Hidden Memories of Trauma – The Technique (8.3.2024)

3. Partner Practice – Hidden Memory for Trauma (15.3.2024)

4. Supervision Call (28.3.2024)

MODULE II: Hidden Memory and Aggression

1. Hidden Memories of Aggression 5.4.24
Power Psychology – the primordial wish
Learning the technique
Practice – will precede suffering 

2. Partner Practice – Hidden Memory for Aggression 12.4.24

3. Supervision Call  26.4.24

MODULE III: Hidden Memory and Attachment

1. Hidden Memories der Anhaftung 3.5.24

The dynamics of attachment 
Learning the technique 
Practice –  how to identify attachments and desires  

2. Partner Practice – Hidden Memory for Attachment 9.5.24

3. Supervision Call 17.5.24

MODULE IV: Hidden Memory for Skills and Abilities 

1. Hidden Memories for Skills and Abilities – The Positive Subconscious 31.5.24

The positive subconscious and positive therapy 
Learning the technique
Practice – positive traumas  

2. Partner Practice – Hidden Memory for Skills and Abilities  7-6-24

3. Supervision Call and Summary 14-6-24

Certification (Optional)

  • Working with a client (not a participant) and conducting at least 3-4 sessions, then writing reports.
  • Recommendation: While you are undergoing this training and conducting sessions with other participants, it is advisable to schedule additional sessions with a certified facilitator.

Stand out with a unique methodology and bring profound healing into the world through your work.


Tamar Brosh, M.A.

Tamar Brosh is a distinguished professional in the fields of trauma healing and positive psychology coaching. With a wealth of experience, she specializes in facilitating emotional healing processes and training both professionals and individuals in the transformative Expansion Method. Tamar firmly believes that by equipping ourselves with the right tools and harnessing the power of consciousness, we can achieve profound healing, liberate ourselves from the grip of negative past experiences, and lead lives free from unnecessary suffering.With a nurturing and compassionate approach, Tamar finds great joy in creating a healing space for others and guiding them on their personal journey toward inner power and greater freedom. Over the course of her 15-year career as a therapist, Tamar has accompanied countless trauma sessions, making a significant impact on the lives of her clients. She has operated private clinics in both Tel Aviv, Israel, and Berlin, Germany, and has gained invaluable expertise through her extensive practical experience.

For the past four years, Tamar has been actively involved in co-hosting training programs with esteemed expert Dr. Shai Tubali.
Through these collaborative efforts, she has trained hundreds of professionals in the trauma healing program of the Expansion Method, empowering them to make a difference in the lives of their own clients.

Tamar holds a Master’s degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching from the University of East London (UEL), where she honed her skills and deepened her understanding of the human psyche. Additionally, Tamar possesses an LLB degree, reflecting her previous career as a lawyer in Israel. This diverse background enhances her ability to approach her work from a comprehensive and multidimensional perspective.

Beyond her clinical and training endeavors, Tamar serves as the senior teacher of the Chakra Types method (a psycho-spiritual typology of personalities), through which she delivers talks and seminars, sharing her expertise and empowering individuals to unlock their potential.

Decode the unconscious patterns behind your mental and emotional challenges.


This is what enthusiastic participants say

“I have learned to understand myself much better, as well as other people. And expansion in particular is a very powerful method for getting deep into the subconscious. It allowed me to go back into a traumatic experience in a completely conscious way, to see what limited beliefs were created in this experience and from the meditative expanse I was able to take a different look at things and fill them with more awareness. I am very grateful to have gone through this process.”

Tobias Fricke

“I have done many different trainings in the spiritual field, but none of the previous ones were able to establish these deep, lasting changes in me as through the Expansion Techniques. This school is a perfect blend of teaching, deep insights and transformational processes. It helps tremendously in developing a deeper understanding of our humanity, understanding the superman power of consciousness and making real changes in being. I have never experienced anything like this before! This school makes an important contribution to the growth and maturation of humanity.”

Natalie Lenz

As a highly experienced therapist I can recommend the expansion for trauma healing techniques for both therapists and people in search for therapy. Therapists will find these techniques applicable for any kind of problem, and people who seek to undergo through therapy will get to experience their innermost authentic and powerful self deeply, in a way that would leave a very powerful impression as to who they really are and an easy way to connect to this place independently. This connection is the very thing that gives the power to this extraordinary method.

Oren Soriano

B.A. in psychology from Tel –Aviv university, and a qualified therapist, Osho university Pune India, OTT

One of the things that make the Expansion a really special method is that it is able to release the energy which is locked in our patterns and traumas. And when enough energy gets released, we can overcome the gravitation of the contracted and surviving fields in which, we live our daily lives, expressed as anger, fear and frustration. When we become free from this gravitational force we can easily and naturally get established in free spaces of consciousness and feelings of happiness and non-causal joy, out of which life as a whole look different. I warmly recommend it.

Arik Peled

Certified Psychologist

I see great results in my work with people who suffer from shell shock (post-traumatic stress disorder) with the expansion for trauma healing techniques in combination with additional methods. Some time ago one patient told me: ‘it was worthwhile for me to go through this process so I can feel this resurrection.’

Shlomi Gros

Herbalist, holistic therapist, specializes in treating chronic patients, people with cancer and shell shock.

Trauma healing work is maybe the deepest healing process I know. After every single session I felt not only free from the trauma but also a deeper connection to life and I felt more able to flow with life as it happens. It is a beautiful work. In my own praxis I use the expansion for trauma healing more carefully than in the beginning. In my experience there are people, who need to go through different processes before I would offer them trauma healing work. But the aim would be to go with them that way.

Barbara Müller


I use the expansion method to help people transcend and touch higher levels of their being. One expansion process can equal ten other kinds of therapies. I especially love the expansion for trauma healing which has a deep healing dimension to it in cases of loss and deep sadness.

Ilana Goldstein

- spirituelle Psychotherapeutin. B.A in Psychologie und M.A in Sozialverhalten und Management.

I would like to thank Tamar Brosh from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to participate and – in the same way – contribute to the Expansion Method Training. It was a wonderful experience to learn and grow along the way. The way Tamar led this training was so clear, profound and warm. It touched me very much. I learned so much, not only the method itself and the rich wisdom behind it, but my heart and personal growth during the seminars really deepened and developed.

I realized for the first time in my life that I can truly allow myself to trust my inner strength and follow my heart and intuition to be there for others. I used to hide and not believe that I could do something so good for others. I was always so insecure and full of doubt and fear. Through the feedback I received after being guided by an expansion, something new opened up in my heart.

Franziska Schneider

It was a very wonderful seminar about the transformative work with the expansion method. Tamar Brosh brought all her deep knowledge about it and her own depth and love. Since we as participants practiced the method ourselves, I can speak on the one hand about the expansions I led – the results were simply incredible. It was deeply moving to see how, with the expansion, the soul-deep trauma-misery of the guided people transformed into full soul-health. They felt free inside and could talk about the previous traumatic situation in a completely neutral and healthy way. They no longer saw themselves as victims or perpetrators, but as observing non-judgmental awareness. To take note of that is also a really great joy for the instructor, for the therapist. As for myself, in the position of the guided one in the expansion, I first learned with the expansions that I alone need to value myself. Then, overall, with the further expansions, my previous life-friction issue – namely, worrying about being valued – simply dissolved. It’s just not an issue anymore. I am simply there and at peace within myself.

This is absolutely wonderful and so convincing in the results that I am sure Shai Tubali’s expansion method will become known all over the world – leading to profound healing of people and the world. Tamar Brosh is initiating this necessary development with her excellent instructor courses. I can recommend her teaching courses with full conviction.

Dr. Bettina Preney

Literary scholar

Hidden Memory Mastery

Period: March 1 – June 14, 2024


Live Lessons via Zoom

The entire program will be streamed on various live dates. So you can ask questions at any time and ensure and deepen your understanding.


Online Campus (24 Months Access)

All live sessions are recorded. In the Online Campus, you can delve deeper into them or catch up if you have missed a live appointment. There are also in-depth bonus lessons and self-study demonstration sessions waiting for you. 


The Hidden Memory Techniques

Detailed hidden memory techniques for trauma, aggression, addiction & attachment, as well as working with the positive subconscious. This allows you to systematically and reliably delve into the subconscious and work transformatively from expanded states of consciousness.



In the monthly supervision evenings with Tamar Brosh you can ask your individual questions.


Practice Partner

During the course of the training, we practise the central techniques with practice partners assigned to us. This deepens our transformative experience and we gain important experience in guiding the techniques.


Premium Support

The training group is kept small in order to guarantee a high quality of support and to have room for your questions.

Personal Process 1500€

With Certification: 1650€

Payment in installments is possible


Who is this training suitable for?

  • You are already working in the field of psychology, therapy, coaching, naturopathy, meditation, or yoga, and you are passionate about helping people.

  • You are seeking a unique method to facilitate profound transformations, even at the subconscious level.

  • You are searching for a tool that can guide individuals into an experience of wholeness, inner strength, and connectedness, enabling them to release and overcome deep-seated blockages and issues with ease.

  • You are interested in your own personal growth and deep inner transformation, desiring to learn how to reach expanded and transcendent states of consciousness and use them to release and transform limiting beliefs.

  • You aim to cultivate the ability to remain centered and focused even in challenging moments, viewing them as opportunities for growth and transformation

Good to know


How long do I have access to all content?

You have access to all content for 24 months. This means that you have more than enough time to work with the modules and deepen your knowledge.

Do I need to have previous experience with meditation, the expansion method, or as an alternative practitioner or therapist?

No, that is not necessary. The Hidden Memory techniques are very advanced, so some previous experience can certainly be helpful. On the other hand, they are explained step by step and we practise together regularly so that we can learn the techniques quickly.

Is it possible to work with you in 1-to-1 sessions?

Yes, of course. In the training itself, you will practise with other participants. If you would also like to book individual sessions with Tamar or other team members, this is very welcome. We can also talk about this in an initial consultation.

How does the program work?

There are weekly live meetings according to the dates given. These usually alternate between lectures and guided exercises, partner work and supervision.

When can I start working with people using the Hidden Memory techniques?

Once you have submitted your report from the certification period and it has been approved by us, you can get started.

Do I have to believe in past lives for the techniques to work?

No, that is not relevant. What interests us in the context of the training is 1. the ability to travel to the root of certain patterns, fears, challenges etc. in the subconscious.
and 2. the transformative and liberating potential that this work enables.


yOU HAVE FUrther questions?

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Personal Call

In the second step we talk about your wishes and your current situation. Together we will see if the Trauma Intensive Workshop is currently the right choice for you.


Possible Cooperation

If both sides feel that the training is a meaningful and suitable step for you, we will show you how to proceed.

The initial consultation is free of charge and without obligation. It serves to get to know each other, so that we can then decide together which next steps make sense for you.

Our souls carry the memory of many lives, like footprints in the sands of time.

Healing our present often involves understanding the echoes of these past lives within us.”


Deepak Chopra

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