Lesson 1

The next-generation trauma therapy:


Action Guide

Every transformation begins with a first step in the right direction. Download your “Action Guide” to the video now and then share your intention for this journey with us:

1. What would you like to let go this year?

If you had to choose one thing from your past that really burdens you, one unfinished business, one regret, one disappointment, one negative memory that you still carry that you would like to release and to take care of this year, what would it be?


2. What would it change?

And what positive changes would occur in your life if you were liberated from that burden?

Share your intention for this journey and for this year with us!



  1. Carlos

    My intention is to fully take responsability and release any pattern and negative imprint I become aware of. It doesn’t matter, how long it takes, but the path and intention is clear.

  2. Erica Brown

    My intention is to let go of (financial) struggle and constriction

    • Carlos

      Thanks a lot for sharing that, dear Erica. May this be the first step into a new perspective and new possibilities!

    • Nancy

      my intension is to heal from childhood trauma that made me feel unworthy, unwanted, unimportant and ugly.

      • Carlos

        Thank you for sharing this important intention, dear Nancy! Time to let go of this beliefs. They surely don’t serve you anymore.


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The expansion method is a great tool. Through my training and seminars with Tamar and Shai, I have had a number of sessions myself, through which a lot has been resolved and transformed. As a therapist, I have had a number of fascinating experiences with clients. One example: a woman had had the same nightmare every night for about 5 years due to a trauma. An expansion trauma treatment, and the dreams stopped coming!

Ralph Byrszel

Alternative practitioner in psychotherapy

With Shai Tubali’s expansion method, my soul could and can free itself again and again from behavioral patterns and ‘old burdens’ that have accumulated over time. This sensationally simple method also allows us to marvel at the beauty of our souls. The more people free themselves with Shai Tubali’s expansion method, without any drugs of consciousness, the more the world will heal!

Rahel Dudli

Craniosacral Therapist/Somatic Trauma Therapist

I use the expansion method for my own issues and challenges as well as those of my patients, and I am increasingly enthusiastic and convinced. I also use it for dealing with severe trauma and mental disorders. The method is exceptionally effective and safe. As it combines the body, mind, emotions, and meditative states, the results are lasting and life-changing.

Dr. Julia Horst

Medical Doctor

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